Case Studies

Customer Service & Technical Support

A software services company in US, saves operational cost and improves service delivery by Outsourcing their Customer Service and Technical Support.

Multi-lingual Support

How a German & French Language Support for Client help expand business, improve customer satisfaction and increase customer base.

Cloud Migration

How we ensured predictable, repeatable builds and deployments; simpler and more robust rollbacks; and elimination of configuration management drift.

Server Support

How a World’s leading Server manufacturer cooperation with Allegiant Global helped retain customers and greater customer satisfaction.

Automatic Call Distribution

Typically a call center consists of telephone trunk lines, a switching machine referred to as the automated call distributor (ACD) alongside a voice response unit (VRU), and telephone sales agents.

Recruitment Services

Hiring a new employee can be a troublesome task, it requires a lot of time and effort. With growing specialization and availability of technology, the recruitment process has undergone a sea change.

A Few of our Clients

Our Happy Customers

Steve Apger
Ohio - United States
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Your technicians seem to be very capable in solving my problems. They typed what they were saying. Very Good. I loved the transparency and clear communication they had regarding my issue and how to fix it.
Rajendra Patel
Surrey - United Kingdom
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Job very well done, very talented and expert people in troubleshooting as well as smart selling of their products, but you can count me as your very satisfied customer. Thanks for your attention and prompt response. Keep the good work rolling.
Otis Mraz
Marina Bay - Singapore
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Very satisfied with the result. They were very understanding and explained everything very well. They spoke very fluent English and the communication as as if I am talking to a native English speaker.
Nikita Jones
Texas - United States
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Everybody was courteous and extremely professional. I am grateful for the help that they provided. God bless you!!
David Chapman
Nevada - United States
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I am absolutely satisfied with the result. Agents were very understanding and they explained everything with complete clarity. They were very easy to understand as they were fluent in English
Cathryn Marvin
Solaris - Singapore
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The service that was provided was excellent. The agent had a great personality, was intelligent and a thorough professional. I was very comfortable throughout.
Kyle Matthews
California - United States
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She was helpful and resolved all the computer issues that I had. She answered all my computer related questions. If in future I ever face an issue again, I would like to get connected to the same person again!!

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