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What is a Cloud Managed Service?

When businesses add cloud solutions to their infrastructure, they need to think about how to manage them. That’s when you need a managed service provider (MSP) helping you with your cloud solution. Cloud MSPs provide specialized resources that improve internal functionality and IT infrastructure and are managed jointly by managed service providers (MSPs) via the cloud platform. This service optimizes recurring IT costs and automates business processes so that clients can achieve their business objectives.

The benefits of cloud-managed service providers, and why should you consider them to manage your cloud resources.
  • Cost-efficient
  • Predictable expenses
  • Solid infrastructure
  • Cloud security
  • Centralized network services
  • Fast response time

In addition to the above benefits, we at Allegiant Global with our Cloud Managed Service, help you unleash the full potential of your Cloud transformation in terms of improved and continuous security and adhered compliance through AI Operations.

We offer end-to-end 24*7*365 Cloud transformation & Managed service portfolio covering-

Cloud Migration is still early – Excellence in Cloud Management is essential to scale

Migrating to the public or private cloud is only the beginning of the journey of building the infrastructurerequired to transform data, applications and business processes. For a considerable time, we will see an overlap of traditional infrastructure management and cloud-based infrastructure services. Overlay the COVID pandemic and a highly resource-constrained environment, and you have the ultimate infrastructure management and scaling challenge.

As you begin to adopt cloud at an increasing scale, it is not a matter of simply throwing more headcount at it. You need a partner who has a deep understanding of adoption patterns, platforms, IP and process capabilities to help you manage your cloud at scale.

We support all major Private and Public Cloud platforms –

Allegiant Global is a partner with all the 3 major public cloud platforms and carries extensive experience in private clouds as well.

How we can help you realize your cloud vision

We help architect, build and manage elaborate solutions that simplify your processes, workflows, and cut down costs drastically. Allegiant Global’s AIOps enabled Managed Cloud Services helps you focus on business strategy and shifts the focus from daily administrative tasks.

Through our cloud management security solutions, we help you automate our practices over single, multiple and hybrid cloud deployments and make the transition to cloud a reality through:

  • Automation and self-service capabilities that helps you deliver value
  • Quality pricing, delivery and management models
  • Ensuring utmost security and compliance standards

As a managed cloud service provider, Allegiant Global offers customized solutions that offer scalability and seamless deployment capabilities through an integrated approach:

  • Rapid cloud deployments configured and tailored to your business needs
  • Enhanced compliance and security features
  • Scalability and agility with pay-as-you-go models
  • High productivity through effective resource utilization
  • Continuous guidance from planning strategies to executing them
  • Business continuity with ease in dealing with heavy workloads

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