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At Allegiant Global, we assist our clients to convert their essential information stored in forms into an easy-to-access e-format for them to run their business efficiently. Our professionals can handle effectively any type of handwritten and typed or printed forms, whether they need to perform online form processing or offline forms data entry. The forms processing services provided by us enable you to digitize your hard copy forms precisely and access them anywhere in the world using the internet.

We provide high quality form processing services at cost-effective prices for small as well as large enterprises. To deliver excellent quality in a short turnaround time, we are fully equipped with superior technology, techniques and workforce. Our form processing specialties can extract needed information accurately from both hardcopy and scanned forms. With our proven methodology, we can process large volumes of forms and organize them into an editable format for easy retrieval.

Services Offered

Allegiant Global cover the following under our spectrum of forms processing service:

Product Special Feature

Allegiant Global’s specialists are adept at capturing information from customized or structured forms, scanned images and faxes. In addition to this, we can deliver you results in a variety of digital file formats including MS Word, Access, Excel or CSV, TXT, etc. To provide you best-in-class quality in form processing outcome, we follow a strict quality assurance process.

When you outsource form processing services to us, we ensure 99.9% quality level on delivered results. By selecting Allegiant Global as your of forms processing services vendor, you not only cut your expenses but also improve efficiency to manage large volumes form processing projects accurately and timely.

Benefits / Why Choose Allegiant

Our clients get numerous benefits with our exceptional, in-time form processing services that include:

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