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Why SOC as a Service?

Organizations are facing new security problems as cloud computing grows. Putting a high degree of security is not within the reach of many organizations. Choosing to outsource SOC services to Allegiant Global offers the organization’s expertise and skills to counter cyber threats directly and effectively. By mixing state-of-the-art technology with genuine human intuition, the trusted, controlled SOC from Allegiant Global provides accurate, actionable advice to keep your data secure. Our Managed SOC-as-a-service is ideally tailored for organizations that want to have a comprehensive understanding of what is happening within their network, both on the premise and in the cloud, in order to be able to respond to potential threats instantly.

What we cover?

We continuously monitor 24/7/365 your IT estate whether on premise (physical & virtual), cloud (public & private) and hybrid infrastructures, endpoints (remote & local), and software (local & SaaS) with full transparency.

SOC as a Service includes:

Fully managed advanced SOC built on SIEM platform

Round the clock support for :

In summary, we at Allegiant Global –

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