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Technology Support is at the core of everything we do at Allegiant Global. We deliver Managed Services from our redundant Network Operations Centers. If you are looking for a highly mature, exceptionally competent Managed Service Provider, Allegiant Global is your answer

NOCaaS, or Network Operations Center as a Service is a core service by Allegiant Global that provides Remote Monitoring, Notification, and Management of Telecom Carrier Services and the Routers, Firewalls, or other Network Termination Equipment those services connect to.   This service specializes in (but is not limited to) the monitoring and management of Private Circuits, MPLS, Metro Fiber, Internet Services, Point to Point, Broadband, DSL, 4G and more. Allegiant utilizes state of the art technology to keep a watchful eye on telecom assets, reporting up/down/degraded status to facilitate a proactive approach towards problem remediation.

  • Our 24 x 7 x 365 NOC provides the human element of support, escalating active or potential problems to carriers, following up on tickets, and ensuring problems are resolved promptly.

Why Allegiant and how you can benefit

Our team of network specialists proactively perform –

1. Monitoring and event detection

We proactively monitor your permitted network assets, both circuits and circuit termination equipment for potential outages and/or service degradations, allowing us to predict and prevent outages by performing corrective action.

  • Hardware and software audits
  • Patch whitelisting
  • Multivendor engagement

2. Incident management

We help your core IT team circumvent difficulties faced with Telecom carriers in their ability to communicate clearly and slow to deliver results at times. By outsourcing the management of your carrier related incidents to our Network Operations Center as a Service, we take those responsibilities off of your plate, and leverage our years of experience navigating their processes and procedures to deliver results quickly and efficiently.

  • Ticket based workflow
  • Ticket escalation with follow-up resolution

3. Always available Phone, Chat and/or Email support

We are staffed 24 x 7 x 365 to provide around the clock remote support services. We are equipped to deliver support services regardless of when and how they are required.

4. Reporting and Analytics

Our advanced software solutions allow us to report on virtually any metric monitored for an organization. Having the data available to analyze allows you to make informed decisions when it comes to your IT assets.

Allegiant’s current NOC client(s) Service status (dashboard form) -

In summary, our NOCaaS  prevents revenue disruption for your key business operatives and we keep your business running 24/7. We  work as an extension of your team, with biweekly service reviews and detailed QBR. We provide detailed reporting, higher than industry standard SLAs and Vendor management.  So you can be assured that we won’t bounce a ticket back to you because one of your vendors wants you looped in.

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