Allegiant Global & Sedric Announces Strategic Technology

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Allegiant Global & Sedric Announces Strategic Technology Partnership For Their Business Expansion in Southeast Asia

Sedric, one of the world’s leading research and development organizations announced a strategic partnership with Allegiant Global, one of the fastest emerging technology integrators globally to expand its business operations in South East Asia. This partnership will combine Allegiant’s selling expertise in sales and solutions with Sedric’s Conversation compliance and chargeback AI shield S-a-a-S platform.

“While there are a lot of AI-based platforms around the world, this latest development for Sedric is differentiated in the way that it is able to securely clean, encrypt and store the data with 95% plus accuracy. 40-minute call only takes five minutes to fully transcribe and report/flag on. Businesses have found merit in such fast execution of compliance tracking and thus benefitted on their CSAT, NPS and Refund/Chargeback scores.”, said Asaf Raz, Vice President – Business Development at Sedric.

Speaking about the new partnership, Siddharth Thakur, Co-Founder & Director of Allegiant Global said, “we are extremely pleased to sign this partnership agreement with Sedric, a company with whom we have a shared vision to provide industry-leading products and services to the fast-evolving market within South East Asia.”

“As two companies committed to innovation and creating customer focus solution, we are excited about many new advantages such a partnership can offer to the market.”, said Apurv Goswami, Co-Founder, and Director of Allegiant Global

Sedric’s AI technology is constantly monitoring the interactions, detecting mandatory statements, and employee conduct. The powerful learning AI algorithms extract the defaults/exceptional performance near real-time in the form of an overall quality score reflecting the tone of the interaction and not mere word search/spotting that most of the traditional tools do. Powerful search, alert, and reporting with tracker boards help business leaders’ track and timely respond at the earliest to customer feedback.

About Sedric

Sedric is a global software tools research and development company. They are a niche player in the conversation intelligence and software-based artificial intelligence SaaS offering for contact centers and sales teams. Their solution focuses on compliance and performance intelligence, thus helping businesses grow and develop into the best and most compliant version of themselves.

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