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Navigating through rapidly-evolving market conditions can be complex. With multiple internal and external market forces at work, businesses need to understand and evaluate them to mitigate risks and attain market leadership.

Allegiant’s Market Intelligence is the most comprehensive solution for your business to inform marketing and strategic growth initiatives. We offer integrated information and insights to solve your most pressing business challenges – from recognizing growth opportunities and competitive threats to staying future-ready. Do more than just track competitors – get an in-depth analysis of their activities for better decision-making

Keep a close eye on market and industry trends

Stay current with the industry, competitive and macroeconomic trends impacting markets on your radar.

Analyze the competition for better strategic planning

Keep a close eye on competitors to benchmark products, services and processes, identify market opportunities and recognize evolving best-practices.

Assess market conditions for business expansion

Ensure business expansion or market entry success through a deep understanding of the business environment, market opportunities and risks.

Market Analysis

Keep pace with the latest trends through an in-depth understanding of the market forces and competitive landscape changes.

Competitive Intelligence

Genuine competitive insights, backed by accurate, current, and complete information, is key to organizations outperforming...

Consumer Insights

Understand the ever-evolving needs of your customers and anticipate emerging trends to best leverage opportunities...

Technology & Innovation Research

Allegiant has been helping organizations combat the threat of disruption and build a competitive advantage through holistic...

Investment Research

Investment decisions are crucial to a company’s operational success. In order for companies to make effective investment research decisions,

Social Media Intelligence

Allegiant’s social media intelligence solution helps you unlock sharp consumer and brand insights through a combination...

Why Brands Choose

Multiple research methods

Get a holistic and more accurate view of the market with actionable insights through the combination of quantitative and qualitative research, desk, social media and IP research.

Global Reach

Tap into business opportunities worldwide with our multilingual research capabilities and a global network of panel partners

Extensive Industry Expertise

A specialized panel of senior executives, analysts, and practitioners with two decades of experience in providing market intelligence to global clients across IT, Financial Services, Healthcare and Manufacturing sectors.

Flexible Delivery Models

Whether you need a dedicated or an ad-hoc team of analysts, PowerPoint or Excel reports, or visual dashboards for integrated, real-time intelligence, we provide ample flexibility to suit your needs.

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